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Financial Statement 2016-17 Financial Year

This financial year the Queensland Ambulance Service Legacy Scheme provided over $11,000 to families of QAS officers that had passed away, officers or children of officers with a terminal or incurable illness and to the three children currently being supported as legatees.

For the QAS Legacy Scheme to continue to provide this support to the uniformed staff of the Qld Ambulance Service we rely on memberships, donations and fundraising. The income reported for the 2016-17 financial year was nearly $76,000 with this coming from the following sources:

Grant income:                   3.3%

Donation income             33.1%

Membership:                    37.9%

Fundraising Events:         25.7%


This year saw some continued growth with memberships from QAS officers and we hope that his continues through the efforts of John Murry and his team that spread the word to the Graduate Paramedics. We also received several large donations from our Local Ambulance Committees, special thank you to the Gold Coast LAC for their $10,000 donation. Fundraisers such as the Legacy Ball and Pedal4Paramedics Challenge raised nearly $20,000. The Peak4Paramedics fundraiser was started in the later part of the year with the target set at $10,000 to be finalised in Sept 2017.

The adjusted operating profit for the QAS Legacy Scheme was 19% the 2016-17 financial year which was above projected by the Board of under 10%. The purchase of QAS Legacy t-shirts accounts for approximately two thirds of these operating expenses. This will be recouped in the following financial years with the sale of the t-shirts.

The QAS Legacy Scheme Board has plans to continue with increasing memberships and will work closely with our Local Ambulance Committees to help with fundraising for our uniformed officers. The QAS Legacy Board plans to keep the operating expenses for the 2017-18 financial year under 10% and income to be $75,000 again.


Full details of the financial year are available via written request to:

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QAS Legacy Scheme

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